The most important thing I find in working and doing what you love, is to know you can turn 360 degrees without hesitating where to stop. Always be open-minded and let it come to you. It doesn't matter what keeps you going, if it is the structure of a job, the creativity, the guidelines, the set up, or your team, as long as it gives you the trigger that you need to grow.

From working with product knowledge, store structures, tailoring, PR strategies and online maintenance, to backstage styling and concept development, I describe myself as a versatile person who enjoys working in vibrant and dynamic environments. Working with different departments gives me a clear overview on how to create a set-up, strategies, visual content and coordination plans.

I am a young vibrant person, with a background of a finished college level Arts-program in Sweden, 6 years of working experience and an interest in developing my writing skills. With all the free time I have left I try to trigger my brains by staying creative and working on different projects, including spreading continuously positive energy whenever I can.